We Are Supposed to be Expert Communicators, So Why Isn’t Anyone Getting the Message?


We are supposed to be expert “communicators,” but aren’t communicating in the right way. You’ve been trained to communicate with the best of them. You are a pro at relaying your needs and helping others do the same. So why isn’t anyone getting your message?

In today’s technological world, your practice cannot thrive if you do not understand the right venues through which to communicate.

Gone are the days when you could simply hang your shingle and the neighborhood would come knocking on your door. Your neighborhood has now expanded to be the world around you vs. the confines of your cul-de-sac.

This may sound like bad news at first, but its quite the opposite. Imagine owning a store that never closed. Imagine owning a store that was convenient for everyone in the world to get to. Having an internet presence has now become prime realty!

However, in order to reach that world right your virtual door, you need the right tools. Those tools include social networking venues such as FreudTV, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Nowadays, if a consumer types your name into google with no links coming up other than some tenuous association to a research article you published in 1985, they are likely to seek out another practitioner. When you are not tech savvy, you are communicating to the public that you are not current. This translates to “maybe their practice is not current,” or “maybe their research is not current,” or worse, “maybe they’re a dinosaur who won’t be able to ‘get’ me as a client.”

If you expect to be making the salary of 2009, how can you justify it by doing the same thing you were doing in 1993? Staying current, meaning technologically “present,” is a non-negotiable for building your practice these days. You may have all the education in the world, but not have been taught how to do this. Another situation might be that you are technologically savvy, but don’t have the time to do this while maintaining a growing practice. Solution? FreudTV.

FreudTV is the number one promotions service for those in the psychiatric, psychological, and counseling fields. For as little as $49/month, FreudTV creates and develops a personalized press kit, and helps walk you through the steps required to build your practice in 2009. Additionally, FreudTV helps market you, while you’re busy doing what you do best. Inquire today about how Freud can help you- MemberServices@FreudTV.com


~ by freudtv on July 15, 2009.

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