You Have to Know Where You Want to Go…To Get There


This seems pretty obvious right? However, how much time have you devoted to really sitting down and evaluating where you would like to be ten years from today, one year from today, next week?

Think about the following goals. Which ones apply to you?

  • I’d like to establish my name as one of the foremost leaders in my field of specialty
  • I would like to do more work in television and other national media markets
  • I am simply interested in learning how to use social media and establish an online presence
  • I want to attract more clients, but not sure how

Whether your goals are as lofty as establishing a recognized name brand for yourself, or just expanding your practice, it is wise to come up with a game plan. You wouldn’t come up with treatment goals for a client without a treatment plan, right?

So, once you know where it is you want to go- the next step is coming up with a targeted strategy to meet those goals. If your intention is to create a nationally recognized name brand and practice- where do you start? Have you sought the advice of appearance and interview coaches? Have you taken any on-camera training courses? Do you know the difference between a three minute and a five minute interview?

Whether becoming the next Deepak Chopra is your goal, or you just want to know how you can attract more clients by establishing an online presence- FreudTV is the way to go. Right now, for as little as $49/month, FTV will begin developing a personalized press kit and come up with a strategic marketing plan, based on your needs. Inquire today about how Freud can help YOU!


~ by freudtv on July 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “You Have to Know Where You Want to Go…To Get There”

  1. I want to do more TV and radio work. the big picture is to host a TV show…to be an amalgam of Dr. Phil and Oprah!

  2. I work with Pervasive Developmental Disorders both with children and in adults. I am learning a lot and would like to share some of this information.

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