FreudTV Provides Personalized PR without the PR Price

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FreudTV Personalized PR Assessment

Client Name:

Please think about the following goals and then tell us, where you’d like to be, one year from now:

I’d like to establish my name as one of the foremost leaders in my field of specialty

• I would like to do more work in television and other national media markets

• I need help developing a reel, headshots, website, or media-ready appearance

• I am simply interested in learning how to use social media and establish an online presence

• I want to attract more clients, but not sure how

• I want to increase my publication sales

One year from now, I would like to:

I do NOT want to:

What are your areas of specialty/focus:

Please include links to your practice websites, articles, videos, publications, and products here:

Which of the following are you currently utilizing:




Personal Website:

Public Relations Firm:


Anything else we should know about you as our client?

What would you like to ask us?


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