It Takes a Niche to Get You Rich- Building Your Practice in 2009

nicheFocusing on a niche is not a new concept to the field of marketing. However, it is to many therapists. Usually when therapists come to FreudTV for their first consultation, most believe that they need to claim as many areas of expertise as possible. Their reasoning is that this will open them up to a broader array of clientele. However, this generally loses a lot of business and in a lot of cases, can be considered unethical. Afterall, how many cardiologists would claim that they also are obstetricians?

In the world of marketing- a niche market is a group of people that share a similar interest or need. In the world of therapy, or coaching, it is often called a “specialty” or “area of expertise/focus.” It is all about reaching out to a specific group of people, understanding their needs and offering solutions.

Many fall into the trap of thinking that all niches are small. Niches can range from very small to huge. It can be sub-divided as they grow. Much of the resistance of therapist’s not wanting to specialize comes from the thoughts, “I want to offer my services to as many people as possible,” or “I want to market to as many clients as possible.” It is much harder to do this and be successful. Ignoring niche marketing might be your ticket to joining the ranks of what we call “vanilla therapists,” or therapists with no real zing, zest, or appeal….Read More


~ by freudtv on August 25, 2009.

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