FreudTV Announces All New Services


FreudTV Opens First Public Relations Service For Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Counselors.

dream practiceFreudTV is a specialized public relations service for psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors. The company was created to help therapists promote themselves and build their practice. FreudTV also helps connect these professionals to those in the media and others seeking their expertise. FreudTV has recently expanded their services to offer social media management (Twitter, Facebook), as well as website development, and personal branding consultation.

Los Angeles, CA- September 29, 2009 – FreudTV announced today, the launch of new services at a company originally designed to connect experts in the psychology field with the media and others seeking the expertise of the psychology community. The site has been in operation since the beginning of 2009, but recently partnered with Spike Sales Media – a division of Spike Sales, LLC as a result of rapidly expanding membership.

The mission of FreudTV is to provide specialized public relations services for psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors. The company is able to offer their services at rates that are drastically less than typical PR firms, marketing companies, or advertising agencies offering similar services. PR services provided by FreudTV are much more affordable than other PR firms because FreudTV deals only with the psychology community niche and has rapidly cornered the market when it comes to these types of experts.

Dr. Colleen Long, who is a member of the expert advisory board and is FreudTV’s chief executive in charge, said “FreudTV helps the therapist evolve with the 21st century by handling all their social media and websites so that their practice becomes relevant. This can often be a ‘make or break,’ when a potential client or employer are doing their research.”

FreudTV was originally intended to bridge the gap between TV execs and experts. However, they have recently expanded their services to help the therapist manage a lot of items that they do not have time for, but need to do in order to stay current. FreudTV submits press releases for members, creates press kits and personal branding strategies, handles all social media, and develops websites that help set each client apart from the rest.

Long says, “For so long, therapists have struggled with how to market their practices. After all, this is not what they went to school for, for all those years. FreudTV changes all that. We are a hybrid of marketing gurus, creative types, MBA’s, psychiatrists, and psychologists. By staffing our company with this diversity of knowledge, we can ethically and effectively promote each of our clients in a way never thought of- all for less than the traditional cost of any PR or marketing company out there. If you consider the invaluable amount of increased exposure, clients, and personal image revamping, our services will soon become a necessary part of every practitioner’s budget.”

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